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Do You Remember? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu there is an old saying i learned way back when i was growing up in mariners harbor.

you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

i apply that saying to many a youngster growing up now a days.

i know a lot of families, including my, who work with their children day in and day out. they give their children a lot of love, talk with them, or at least try, they don't talk at them except when it is needed. but no matter how hard the parants work at it, the child is the one who will make the final decision. a parant can only guide and hope for the best.

what i have seen in the past 30 years happening in this country is a group of people, under the guise of acting as the "government" decided how parants should raise their children and what children should be taught at home.

yea we have some parants who need to be locked up because they are abusive, but a parant wacking a kid on the back side with a shot but sharp smack is not abuse. it can really shock a kid into thinking -- wow that hurt and i don't like it.

i put my daughter --she was 4 at the time -- in a cornor in a supermarket on staten island one day because she began actingup. would you believe, some dim witted ding bat came up to me and began accusing me of child abuse.

needless to say, the ding bat got an ear full and if she had not moved on, i would have wound up in jail smileing all the time.

anyway, the women in question apparently was trying, but her daughter had other ideas.

children should not raise their hands to their elders. elders should think first before applying corporal punishment.


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