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SI Life Listed Alphabetically>>>P's George Jaenicke grjaenicke Pleasant Plains
Pouch Terminal
Paramount Theater
Park Lanes
Penn Fruit
Piels Beer (Bert & Harry Piel)
Proctor & Gamble
Pickle Works
Port Richmond High School
Phillip Morris Cigarettes
Packard Cars
Poodle Skirts
Paint by numbers
Ponds (all over the Island )
Pyle, Gomer USMC
Produce from the truck farms on Richmond Avenue
Port Socony
Prizes at church carnivals
Princes Bay
Port Richmond shopping district
Pistol clubs on the South Shore
Purple People Eater
Pistachio ice cream from Al Deppe’s
Pogo Sticks
Petersons Boat Yard (Great Kills)
Poets especially Marguerite
Port Ivory
Paladin (Have Gun Will Travel)
The Ponderosa (Bonanza)
Pungent Pukey odors from “the dump”
Pizza Parlors
Pierce Arrow cars

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