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SI Life Listed Alphabetically>>>O's Marguerite Rivas sipoet Our Lady Star of the Sea -- class of '70
Old Town Road train station
Owen Gartland - my old parish priest
O'Donovan Rossa - famous Irish exile on Staten Island
Outerbridge, Mary -brought lawn tennis, (or clay court?) to the United States
Oyster fishers from Sandy ground
Oysters a "foot long" and some with pearls 1600's
Ocean Terrace and the beautiful views
Oak trees - pin oak, Black oak swamp white oak
Osage Orange tree and that funky fruit that looked liked brains which we, as kids, smashed all up and down Huguenot Avenue.
otter at the SI Zoo
Owls that used to screech at night in the woods behind my house in Huguenot
Odonata or dragonflies skimming the surface of Alison Pond in the spring.

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