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Do You Remember? C Connelly mcgil A couple of years ago I was assigned a 15 year old girl who had an argument with her Mom and hit her Mom over the head with a chair. The mother slapped her daughter back & the kid called the police and pressed assault charges against her mother. From what I learned later, prior to this incident the girl & her mother had a good relationship and there had been no violence. The argument occurred that day when the mother discovered that the girl hadn't attended school for several weeks.

When I asked the girl why she had hit her mother with the chair, she replied that it was the only way she could get her mother to stop nagging her. I think what really amazed me was that when she said it, she said it so matter-of-factly, as though there was nothing unusual about it.

To this day, I can't imagine doing something like this to one of my parents. Can you?


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