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The Mick Resurfaces NOW IF THE DAMN QUEEN WOULD ONLY GET HER ACT TOGETHER Pat O'Shaughnessy patos The Mick woke with a start. Standing next to the bar Crunch was looking down at him. Get up Bucko, get up and get cleaned up we still have time to make the 7:30 mass at St. Bridgets for the Brotherhoods corporate communion. I've already showered and borrowed a clean shirt and I'm ready. I don't understand why you would sleep on the bar when you have a perfectly good bed in the back room. This is the most comfortable bar I have ever found and besides I've seen you cut some logs at a couple of bars myself; the Mick shot back. Never mind all that get a shower and get changed I've been up all night doing your taxes and I have no patience left.The Mick showered, and changed clothes and walked back into the bar. Crunch handed him his green Brotherhood sash "Put it on and we'll talk on the way" he said. After they got into Crunches BMW he told the Mick; After Mass we are to go to have a corporate breakfast. Pancakes, corned beef hash, eggs and Irish coffee is on the menu. After that all officers are to attend a special meeting of the executive board There are dark days ahead. A special envoy from Dublin is to arrive at noon with a message for the Executive board. I don't know all the details but I'll tell you what I know, Crunch said.
There's a bloke who calls himself Phillip Morris and passes himself off as English but we believe that he is an Eyetalian feela whose real name is Johnny Roventini. The Mick cut him off and said " Has anyone ever told you about SCAM?" McGinty? Crunch replied; What does he have to do with this ? He and Phiilip Morris are one and the same said the Mick. Crunches eyes and mouth opened wide. They agreed to light some of the large candles after mass. The Mick knew more than he could tell anyone else right now but he wondered what he didn't know. He had to find that ring and fast!

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