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SI Life Listed Alphabetically>>>N's Marguerite Rivas sipoet On 03/13/2000 2:38:00 AM, DBLIVIT wrote:
>Noshing at Nunzio's in New
>(Note to SI Poet, whaddya
>think about starting the next
>letter post of this thread as
>a new topic?...that way it
>won't be buried down in the

Sounds fine to me, Dan. Although it seems kind of neat to have such a long string. If it's a hassle for people, I have no objection. The first person to post after midnight will have to start the new topic, I guess. How does this sit with everyone?
Are you marking your topics "read" after you read them? Seems that this might eliminate the frustration of a long string. Marguerite

Narrows in the moonlight
New Brighton Town Hall abandoned and lonely
New Dorp Lane shopping
New Springville and the mall, and the dump.
Noble ferry boat
New Jersey ferry and the claustrophobia it gave me.
The Northfield
North Shore Victorian houses overlooking the harbor.
Nuns in long habits with bonnets,huge rosary beads, and shiny shoes.

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