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Irish, Italian, Polish Bars Neal Mulligan neal An Irishman named Pat applies for a job and is being interviewed by the manager. At the end of the interview the manager says, well you appear to be alright Pat, there's just one final thing to do, and that's to give you an aptitude test.
Alright says Pat somewhat timidly.

The manager tells Pat that the test is progressive. For each correct answer he'll be given another question, and this will determine the level at which Pat will enter the company.
First question: What is usually made out of leather and has four small holes and one larger hole above and to the side?
Oh! says Pat that's a tough one, he thinks hard for a minute and finally gives up.
The manager says the answer is a glove. RIGHT! Shouts Pat, darn I was going to guess that. I'm sorry says the manager but when you miss the first question we can't hire you.
Please, says Pat, I know I can do better, I was a bit nervous, but I've got the drift of it now. Give me another chance. OK says the manager your a likable fellow. What is usually made out of leather, has eight small holes and two larger holes above and to the sides?
OH boy, says Pat, eight and two is it? This is twice as hard. He thinks for a moment and gives up.
Two gloves says the manager. Darn, says Pat I was gonna say that.
Well says the manager let me give you one last chance.
OH thank ya, sir says Pat, God bless ya.
Think hard now says the manager.
I will intones Pat.
Who's picture is on the one dollar bill?
Three gloves.

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