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Do You Remember? Theresa Tammone MadameT I imagine I'm quite a bit younger than most of you, and I do agree about how morals have changed. In trying to figure out why people lack respect for eachother and good manners have simply gone out the window, I've come to the conclusion that parents changed the way they raised they're children. I did not get everthing I asked for; I did not got get the latest toy/gadget just because everyone else had one. I did not have a TV or stereo in my room. If I answered my mom or dad back, I got punished (usually after a hand across the mouth). And I don't even want to think about what would happen if I answered back a teacher or acted up at school. For some reason, my generation is raising a generation of individuals who feel they are entitled to all that life has to offer -- whether they work for it or not. They think they're better than everyone else and, therefore, don't have to say "excuse me", "please", or "thank you". Its a battle of keeping up with the Jones' that has gotten completely out of control. I'm sorry to say that I'm ashamed and appalled by my own generation.

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