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The Mick Resurfaces NOW IF THE DAMN QUEEN WOULD ONLY GET HER ACT TOGETHER Pat O'Shaughnessy patos The Mick looked at the fresh tracks they were similar but even a novice at animal tracks as himself could tell they were different from those in the rocks in the stream known as Babbling Brook. Had he been a boy scout in his youth he might have been able to tell but his youth had been spent cleaning spittoons and urinals in various Irish pubs. No wonder he had taken to plumbing so naturally. Not being much of a tracker he was following them to their origin rather to where they went. All of a sudden The Mick froze in his own tracks as he heard a cry off in the distance. Calllllllllll forrrrrrrrr Phillip Morrisssssss Calllllllllll forrrrrrrrr Phillip Morrisssssss. Although he had never met him The Mick knew of him. Phillip Morris was not his real name just another alias. He was also known as Johnny Roventini but his real name was Sean Cornelius Aloysius McGinty. The Mick's great great Grandfather had known him as a boy back in Ireland. And McGinty has not aged a day since then. He was + 300 yrs old if he was a day. While short for a normal man he was a giant amongst the little people. His mother was a Tinkers daughter and his father was the errant Nephew of the King of Leprechauns. Only the Devil himself was more devious and untrustworthy. For over a hundred years he had been trying to get his hands on the Ring of CoNaCl. The Mick decided to hurry back to St. Columba's Hall clean his fish and start working on the formula again for if McGinty was around there was sure to be trouble. Sean Cornelius Aloysius McGinty. in Ireland he was known as SCAM. He had better visit the Castle soon and warn the Queen.

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