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Golf Story for all you late swingers Neal Mulligan neal Harry,
The Irish,Italian, Polish Bars story is an old Irish joke the but of which is a mick.

In the original version the mick is telling his drinkin pal about a grand new pub in town where for a dollar they give you a corn beef sandwich, a point of ale and after they take you in the back and get you laid, His friend says he donna believe it and skeptically asks,
"Ave,ya been thar?". NO. Replies the the mick but me sister 'as.
I told it for about 20 years at St. Pats Parties, til Paul Newman spoiled it for me by telling when he played a washed up Boston Attorney in the 1982 film the "The Verdict". I think I heard it originally at the Bricklayers Union Hall in the 50's.

How the hell did it get to be a Polish joke? For that matter, How did all the Pat and Mike jokes get to be Polish jokes?
Can't they write there own?

Anyway, a Scotsman wearing a military uniform walks into an apothecary and place a torn and tattered condom on the counter. How much ta 'ave this rahpaired?, he asks.

The druggist gingerly picks up the well used and by now stretched out rubber and says, well I guess I could put some glue over the holes but I'd have to charge you 50 cents at least, and there's no point in that since I could sell you a new 3 pack for a dollar. The Scot picks up the rubber puts it back in his vest and says, I'll be thinking on it.
A day latter he reappears, tosses the condom back on the counter and says, "The regiment has decided to 'ave it rahpaired."

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