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Golf Story for all you late swingers Dan Blaine DBLIVIT True story: we played with a guy who had a terrible banana slice. On one hole there was water all the up the right side. He resigned himself to always losing a ball on that hole.

Then, he read about a "miracle" tee in a golf magazine. This thing had what looked like a large scooped out ping pong ball glued to a standard wooden peg. If the golfer put his ball in this cup and then hit it, the protecting cup would absorb all of the spin imparted by the club and the ball would always fly straight as a die.

He didn't try this gadget out until we got to the water hole. Then he showed it to the rest of us, pulled a brand new Titleist out and teed it up.

Splish, splash, I was takin' a know how the song goes.

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