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The Lady in the Lake------Holy Moly Gina * Gina >As he saw the group in front

>of the cave gaping at him, he


Calllllllllll forrrrrrrrr Phillip Morrisssssss - knowing that PM was the hottest, fastest and most sure footed ambUlance wagon driver to ever hit Hoftopia. Phillip Morris was the undercover name that the towns Johnny Roventini used to catch minors under the age of 18 trying to by smokes when he wasn't on ambUlance call. Phillip Morris had a regular routine of strolling the isles of local movie theatres to sell candy cigarettes and zippo cloned lighters with no lighter fluid cells to all the kiddies at the P.A.L. movie parties on Saturday mornings to make some extra cash for his undercover escapade expenses and to pay off that silly looking bellhop outfit with the gaudy gold military looking buttons and flat top hat that he frequently wore when working undercover for Rugger Goodacre SI's sheriff, bailiff and part time Sh*tpicker foreman or Goombah the Queen's loyal body guard...who was often seen smoking DeNobili cigars behind the royal barn.

Knowing this was Monday the future Doc Sunderson thought it a great possibility that PM was on call for emergency happenings like a run away horse with no name. Doc just couldn't get it out of his mind that this horse he was trying to keep uP with just may have throw its rider or worse yet bucked free of the Moore's Stable hay ride wagon and dumped a bunch of Twister Wine drinking passengers over board and in doing so caused some injuries.

Doc was having a hard time keeping uP with the horse with no name no matter how fast he tried to run all the chicken stuff and gadgets he was hauling around with him were weighing him down and slowing his pace.

Just as the load was getting impossible to carry any longer he notice Rumpohlstilskin sitting on a sand pile at the side of road playing with his new palm thingy and looking very frustrated. Doc yelled CATCH and threw Rumpohl the chicken bundle which landed right on the SoWt Beach Sh*tpickers palm thingy immediately RS yelled to Doc "whatdayathink I'm playin games with this thing?" "I'm trying to find my dates phone number and I ain't got time for mindin your stuff while you're off on some horse chasing adventure." By the time Rumpohlstilskin got the words out of his mouth Doc Sunderson was longgggggggggg gone cause without the added load he was much lighter on his feet and had grabbed the horse tail hanging on tight for extra speed in keeping there sat Rumpohlstilskin with slimy chicken all over his palm thingy and a bunch a alligator clips that were shortin out the whole works making it impossible to boot the thingy uP...

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