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The Lady in the Lake------Holy Moly Dan Blaine DBLIVIT When the group found out that H˛ was getting paid to post the double-bubble jokes, they demanded that he share the baseball cards he had obtained from Fleer's as payment (in addition to the free Mello-rolls he was getting from the Sullivan's drugstore).

At that moment a runaway horse came trotting up the bridle path. It had no saddle and they could tell from its' harness that it was one of the horses Moore's stables used to pull its' hayride wagon.

Running behind the horse was the future Doc Sunderson. He was carrying a bag of chicken carcasses that he had obtained from Arluck & Cohen's Kosher Butcher shop. He had been in the process of reconstructing the chicken's ambulatory motions with the aid of a dry cell, wires and alligator clips attached to different nerve centers on the chicken's body.

When he saw the horse run by, he immediately thought the worst...the hayride wagon was ditched somewhere and there might be people injured or worse. Since he had no clue from whence the horse came, he thought the best course of action was to capture the horse and then have it lead him back to the scene of the accident.

As he saw the group in front of the cave gaping at him, he yelled....

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