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Happy Birthday Art Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Folks,

I am really moved by this Birthday greeting both because it is spontaneous and because it is genuine. I have participated with this bulletin board since 1997. It is hard to imagine that 3 years have gone by so quickly. It is also hard to believe that I still feel like a kid even though I am 55!

I have to say that the preliminary "reading" ~*Donna*~ sent me by e-mail after I mentioned that I was born at 1:56 pm seemed pretty close to how I view myself......I'll take compliments in any form. LOL

I have written a few things about AIDS but I don't actually do research with the virus that causes it. I benefited AIDS research indirectly, though, by helping the NIH Office of AIDS research plan their first meeting on Mucosal Immunity and AIDS Research that was held in 1992 in Huntington NY.

As a "Mucosal Immunologist" I often suffer the chides one gets about being a "snot-nosed" kid. However, the now important contributions of mucosal immunity to understanding AIDS pathogenesis and immunogenesis has ended references to the stuff in my nose.......and draws the focus to other regions of the body. I had been telling folks that Mucosal Immunology was fun, but now so many folks are doing it (involving all mucosal sites) that maybe some important contributions will result before the field slips out of our grasp.

Since everything lovers do involves sharing mucus, mucosal immunity has gained more importance and no one teases about being a snot nosed kid anymore. ;>

Sorry for the un-announced lecture. I know you appreciate it though.



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