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Business' with voice mail responses Brian Cullen Ace328bc Years ago at Eckerd, there were 3 phone numbers per store. One for pharmacy, one for store purposes, one for the photo lab. Now when you call, you get 1 for pharmacy, 2 for the photo lab, 3 for store management, another for prescription refills, another if you are a doctor. UNLESS it is before or after hours, when everything changes to different numbers, depending on whether the store itself is open to 12 or a 24 hour store. Pharmacy and photo normally close at 9. UNLESS it is Saturday or Sunday when a whole new list applies. People get so angry when they get the photo lab and want the pharmacy, but what can we do? Eckerd has always claimed the customer came first, but with the new phone system I think it has become you are number one, but we are too busy to actually answer the phones for the likes of you.
Lest you think this is against Eckerd, it is not, it is against the phone system that separates us from our customers-needlessly confusing and totally impersonal. Is there a better way?

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