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I noticed that some of the earlier postings (ie made in June and July) on this new format disappeared without a trace. This is clearly unlike the older format because you can still see old postings in the archives back to the beginning of time.

I appreciate the ability to edit and/or delete postings that are no longer timely or useful, but I was surprised that "old" postings could be deleted without the author being involved.

A message to the webmaster provided an explanation which I share here. Apparently this site had been programmed to delete any messages that were more than 60 days old. So that is where the old postings went. They did not go to an Archive. After receiving my message, the webmaster informed me that he has temporarily disabled this automatic delete program.

What do you guys think about it? Do you think our prose should get deleted before the dust accumulates or do you think the webmaster should find a way to 'retire' all our English masterpieces to some form of archive like the previous Statnislanders site? ;) Art

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