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Do I Have a Bid Gina * Gina Cute post :) Well I wouldn't want you to totally lose your identity so can I rent em for the day? LOL

my bid:
1 serving of English Trifle accompanied by tea & crumpets
1 cup of Argentine Yerba Mata` green tea severed in traditional silver laced bombaya
1 loaf of my home made French bread
1 slice homemade Italian pizza
1 borrow of my Irish River Dancin boots 1 x
1 borrow of my Great, Great, Great, Great Granddaddies Scottish Kilt (might be a little loose he was a BIGGGGGG MAN
1 Jewish potato laka w/ sour cream & apple sauce or bagel
1 borrow of my all American Country Western dancin boots & a quick step line dance instruction by yours truly
1 serving of official certified taste approved homemade SI crumb buns left over from "The Gathering" weekend at OT's house in Hangtown, California.
1 fresh cuppa fresh brewed kaWfee to go w/ the above (_)3
OR if you prefer a cherry or vanilla coke w/ a NY chocolate egg cream on the side :)
A good Staten Island chat whenever you're in the Ft. Lauderdale area :) & if yer here the evening of St. Patty's day the best damned corn beef & cabbage dinner at my Moms house a "mixed uP breed" could make - she refuses to serve green beer but more prefers her homelands Shanty drink (beer & lime bubbly)LOL



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