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Do I Have a Bid Neal Mulligan neal As march 17, 2000 is rapidly approaching; there is a need for any interested parties to respond immediately. Every year one hears the claim that on 3-17 everyone wants to be Irish.
Because I am in need of funds at this time I would like to test just how great the demand is.

I am prepared to sell one bona-fide Irish identity. My credentials are quite impressive if I say so meself. On me father’s side my grandfather Neal and his Wife Agnes were both born and raised in Ireland. He being a Mulligan and herself a Dowd. On me Mother’s side, me great-grandfather James and his wife were born in Ireland and came here during the great famine, He an O’Brien and herself a Fahey. His son,me grandfather James married a Margaret Rahilly.

The credentials will come complete with colors and a shield of the Mulligan’s.

Pretty impressive, donah you think?

What am I bid?

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