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Question Irene Molway quill iquill Gina,

Sounds like my office in Family Court. Out of abt 20 clerks, the majority of the work was done by abt 10 of us. The others walked around with files under their arms as if they were doing or going somewhere important. The Chief Clerk sat in his office on the phone, smoking ciggs and entertaining old cronies and took 2 hr lunches. He came out semllin' like a rose and retired with a big fat monthly check to Arizona. Some of those clerks are still there doing the work of 2 or 3 because the county won't allot more funds and the case load has quadrupled.

I finally got sick of it and went into private industry and if anyone ever performed like him or the other 10 or so clerks they'ed have been out on their ear in a NYC minute. Go figure!!!

Didn't know it was called Peters synd, we just called it Civil Service Slackers who knew how to work the system.


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