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PEOPLE POWER RALLY Neal Mulligan neal I'm ordinarily cautious about rally's to stop this or start that but after my last trip to the island I think anymore development should be shelved. If it does not have a plan for the scarce land remaining the Borough should establish one. Residential ares should be established; Minimum lot sizes regulated; Condo's prohibited; Industrial sites fixed at current levels; Government sites, schools, parks, buildings etc. established. Malls suck. Put them underground and the needed commercial buildings above them. SI should be like Springfield Mass. A CITY OF HOMES. The greatest commercial center the world has ever known is only 7 miles away. There is no need to invade the island further.

If you agree write, and call the local pols every day if you have to. Enough.

This what government should be for, protecting concerns of the citizenry when the market over steps our needs.

Of course that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.

Make a great day.


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