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PS 22, Class of 1942 Bill Rex Bill I lived across the street from Mrs. Maynard in 1940 on DeHart Ave in the Harbor.We used to play stick ball in the street and occasionally a ball would go in her yard. No one would dare go in her yard except me to retrieve the ball.She was just too tough. She had three foot hedges, I was 12 and took them in a leap , ran to the ball and back out on the street again . Here husband seemed to be a little slow and he never did much about it. In 1942 I moved to Morningstar Rd. and wound up going to PS 22 in the 8th grade. She met me in the hallway and said, we know who the boss is here , don't we. I just gulped and said Yes we do MrsMaynard. It wound up I loved her, she was a great lady.


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