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Blackberries----NOW YOU ARE UP MY ALLEY Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Irene,

Please! Let's bore the other folks.

Tell me all about canning preserves.

The others will love it.

They post lists.

You can post about what you do.

What a difference.

You'll be original, they'll be, pardon the expression, canned.

Item Two: the North Country.

Ah! North of Albany. My nieces attend Skidmore, which should be relatively close to you. Relative to the South Pole, or StatNisland, I guess.

I've been reading a history book. Bernard DeVoto is the author. It's called "The Course of Empire." He died in 1951. It's the story of the development of the American West. All that stuff we were taught about the Northwest Passage, the fur trade, the French & Indian Wars, the "voyageurs," etc., are in here.

Albany was competing with Montreal over the fur trade. 17th Century. Wonderfully told.

Since you live up in the north woods, relatively speaking, that is, I thought I'd mention this book, so nicely explained.

I don't think that posting a lot of stuff about this and that is really boring. It's what makes this place worth coming back to.

So, tell me, what do you have to do to can correctly so that everybody who eats the goodies later stays healthy.

Maybe I'll tell you, in return, how I bake bread, just for the helluvit.


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