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Question Neal Mulligan neal DJ,
The fact is we expect too much from government.

It has no funds but what we give it.

It can't create wealth or jobs.

It has no better guess as to where the economy is going than anyone else.

It cannot tell the market what the correct prices should be.

Government employees are good people but are generally not the cream of the crop.

Even the best trained of it's managers are faced with goals that are improperly funded
and limited in how to evaluate performance of employees. They are essentially supervisors.

At the IRS they would not permit employees to deduct education expenses unless the costs were for a degree in taxes. MSTs were okay MBA's were not. Of the thousands of IRS managers probably less than 2% have MBAs.

Because we are always demanding reforms instead of abolishing agencys the employees spend a considerable amount of time being retrained instead of working.

Training itself is usually fashioned by management to protect management rather than seriously honing the skills of the employees. It's done with CYA in mind.

I'm not saying it's hopeless, it's just that government can't do much. What it can do always costs too much and delivers much less than was promised.

Trust me I'm from the government.



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