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Mengele on SI? John Ritter JR My mom worked for the city at Farm Colony across from Seaview. I have ridden the bus to fawcawners to/from her office many times. We used a city health plan called HIP whose office was off the terrace near a Plymouth dealer and the gypson plant. HIP later had a an office on New Dorp lane where when I was gettin my HS physical a nurse tried to explain the three letter word that makes the world go around in a show and tell session, and yes I did blush. always wanted to go back for a follow-up discussion. I also went to the city public health office in St. George for some kind of exam when I was in school. I am from the age where they had the catch 22 about toncilitius/polio. If they were infected they would not operate and if it was summer and they were not infected they would not operate either. I still have them and get a yearly attack but it only lasts a day or so. I know that now Art or Margie will say there is somthing wrong with me.


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