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Mengele on SI? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

My partner and I ...ahhhh.....errrrr.....well...we did actually get kind of yelled at as we were leaving the 2nd building we were in. *LOL* I just kept saying to myself: DEAR GOD don't let me get arrested for trespassing. When we told the guy on the grounds that we were part of the SeaView group and had permission to be on the grounds (and we did), he just yelled to us to WATCH OUT because it's "pretty dangerous" in there, and we yelled back: WE KNOW! *LOL* Marguerite, I had been wanting to go into those buildings for the longest time.....I just could never quite push myself to do it. After I did go in my fears were confirmed. It's downright CREEPY! Heaven only knows how many ~Spirits~ linger there! I'm not kidding! Even my partner said it gave him the creeps! I don't mean that it was creepy in so much a scary way, as a sad way. But all that you say about the land on Staten Island being swooped up and hideous houses being built in their place is soooo true. That's why I love your poetry! *S* You do indeed maintain the true ~Spirit~ and flavor of the REAL (and now sadly old) Staten Island. Our children need to know what our childhood was like! Our children need need to know that there was a time when we could ride our bikes without fear and play in safe wooded areas! Today's kids think that all wood comes from Home Depot! *S* We had raspberries growing in our backyard when we moved in. We had a tree house and a tree swing and ...well...ALOT of great stuff that todays children will sadly only get to read about. Marguerite WE WERE RICH!!! If you and your friends were anything like me and my friends, we could have fun with a cardboard box, and I mean that literally! A big box to us mean an already made club house! LOL You don't see kids playing that way today.

As for going back into those buildings....IF I do, I'll get specific permission to do it and I'll also ask if I can take pictures. (I so wished I had my camera at that time!) I really do think that this has to be preserved for posterity. I'm just not so sure I have the ~*Heart and Soul*~ to do it personally!


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