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Mengele on SI? Marguerite Rivas sipoet Donna,
I was at Seaview not long ago and found myself drawn to those old buildings as well. I didn't have the nerve to investigate, though. I figured I'd be arrested for trespassing, but I have wanted to go back before they are all demolished (which is something that I think our local politicians would like so that they can build more housing there). For you islanders in other parts of the country, Staten Island is facing a major crisis in housing. Our borough is being ruined by greedy developers. There isn't one square foot of land that isn't being bought up for development. Townhouses off of Richmond Terrace facing all of those scrapyards and such are going for a fortune.(By that I mean upwards of 159,999.00 dollars - yep upwards) This is about what my beautiful detached fenced in yard one-family house in Randall Manor sold for two years ago. I kid you not. I couldn't afford to buy anything here. Worse still, old houses are being knocked down and these attached houses, townhouses are going in these lots meant to accomodate one family houses. The whole character of the block on which I live in West New Brighton is about to change drastically because of this. I warrant that these particular "units" -- they don't call them houses, will go for no less than 189,000 and upwards. Watch and see. Talk about a string that winds its way around to a number of subjects. Sorry for my digressing here. It all started with sugar cubes. Sounds like a good first line of a poem about the sixties, if you know what I mean.

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