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Do You Remember? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu jr. couple things with your posts.

first --- excellent.

second -- i ain't as old as you. believe it or not i am a weeeeee bit younger. ain't gonan tell ya either.

third, i still address my elders as mr. mrs. miss (i don't believe in that commie political correct crap and refuse to use ms) or sr. or mam, and in a few cases madame.

i tought my children the same, and thank you very much, they have followed in my and my wife's footsteps. we working on the grand kids now.

yea, i do have fun, but you are correct, this country has severely changed. some of that is our fault, because we let it happen and did not stop the so called liberal socialist who have taken over our political and educational systems.

oh well, there is still hope.


p.s. you are older than dirt eh??? SIR

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