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I frequently review for tax purposes the work of local attorneys in divorce proceedings. It's often grossly inadequate. Property distributions are made and no one thought to bring in a CPA or tax expert to compute potential tax liability. They seem to use FMV without regard to basis. I also see CPA work that lacks tax understanding too. We all make mistakes. Most are good faith errors, some contain minor negligence, a few are seriously negligent. Then we have minor incompetence etc. The legal profession makes a fair portion of it's income bringing these to court or settlement, and rightly so. No one seems willing to accept the faults of his profession willingly. The law protects judicial error by making the hurdles of appeal very high. Minor legal matters that go undetected for many years are dismissed under the theory of latches, even when the facts that brought the decision still exist and any fool can see that the lawyers and judge mistook them.

Our problem is that we react to impose zero tolerance on the others. "There aught to be a law", chances are there is one, maybe dozens, no matter lets make more. Lawyers should be a defense against these endless tiers of statutes but they are not.

I am entitled to adequate medical care from my doctor, I hope I get the best, but all I'm entitled to is adequate. From lawyers I can demand only the same. This goes for politicians and civil servants as well.

I respect Barry Scheck a great deal, but when I see him argue against the uses of DNA evidence I remember that it must have been some lawyer who got a judge to accept this and other scientific evidence in the first place. How is it for instance, that you can't make unreasonable searches or make me testify against myself, but can make me submit to a blood test, or require me give tissue and hair samples. Didn't some lawyer get a court to accept this evidence?

We are not God.



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