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An interesting medical side-effect of isoniazid is that it makes the recipient feel happy. It is an analogue of many antidepressant drugs because of that. Side effects often become more important than the original intended use of a drug. Viagra was developed as a coronary artery dilating drug like nitroglycerine. Everyone knows what a lucky side effect that drug!

Dr. Robitzek loved Staten Island and the people who worked with him at Sea View. Sea View hospital was a proud and prestitgeous place. It was on the cutting edge of treatment of TB and all of the complications of this disease. The hospital was a major training center for physicians from all the important medical schools in the NY/NJ area. When Dr. Robitzek's research into drug treatment of TB resulted in a curative drug that was so simple to give that people could stay at home and be treated in clinics the need for TB hospitals went away. And, so did the primary reason for Dr. Robitzek's life's work. He stayed on as Director of Sea View as it became a home for the indigent and aged so that his employees would be able to retain their jobs and so he could keep together the environment that he had established for his family. Most self-interested docs would have moved to a university job somewhere and thought nothing about ripping out the roots of their family. Dr. Robitzek gave up prestige and oversaw the regression of Sea View from the great academic medical center it was to the state you described.

I have a copy of the Journal of the Sea View Hospital that has Dr. Robitzek's article about isoniazid in it. He endorsed this volume to me. I will scan it and put it on the web if anyone wants to see it.


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