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School Nurses used to be able to provide a lot of services normally considered a part of the health care industry. Several acts of congress have put into law certain "accreditation" language that prevents these things from happening in schools, I hope.

You referred to 'disclosing' tablets that dentists use to find hairline cracks and crevices and small cavities in your teeth. The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988 would prevent that from being done in schools unless the school was willing to meet the standards required by the Act. Most schools looked at the cost of complying and said nix to that. The school nurses also used to give the polio vaccine on sugar cubes.

Various agencies "deemed" through Health Care Finance Administration to accredit institutions to charge for these services had to meet the requirements of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals JCOAH imposed certain requirements that had to be met to allow vaccines to be given in schools and the schools said....too expensive to comply so no vaccines are given. Those services actually were done to benefit folks who couldn't afford to pay for them. Now someone has to pay via increased taxes.

I think people have to be vigilant about risks in our environment and weigh them against the benefits. Today, rules and regulations are set up so you can't do things that put yourself into risk even if you want to. ;)


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