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Can't follow two different lines of a story ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
High Five DJ! You nailed the situation perfectly. The majority of negative reactions here are pure childishness. Give me a break already. We have nut balls here posting to themselves under different names and making up stories about themselves. (Side note to those posters: Did you (and you know who you are) really think we didn't know???) It's pathetically sad and I truly feel sorry for you that you're so hungry for attention that you resort to that. We also have the throngs of occasional nutty ANONYMOUS'S who think they're cute but are in reality in dire need of professional help, and then we have the multitude of just plain BORING people who every now and again get the hebee-jeebies because they haven't "posted" anything and so they just copy and paste links and crap inbetween their hanging around online all day like a lamp~post. In fact, that's my new name for the dead wood here. Lamposts! Lamposts in search of a light! I will admit however that the boring posts are a notch up on the yardstick when compared to the negativism though. And by the way, not that it's actually a surprise or anything but have you noticed that rare are the times when the negative posters EVER have the chutzpah to at least directly address the people they're taking a shot at?

So, those to whom I'm referring can consider this post sent in the same ~Spirit~ you posted yours....

to someone "ANONYMOUS"!


Soooooooooo Lamposts.....Why don't you get out there in the big old Universe of ours and GET YERSELF A LIGHT and get out of the DARK PLACE you're in!

Believe me, You have no where to go but UP! *ROTFLOL*


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