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There are two trails at William T. Davis Wildlife Refuge. One of those trails used to be called the Audubon Trail because Audubon used to actually go there to study wildlife and he took people through. Perhaps AT meant the Audubon trail and not Appalachian trail as surmised. I already mentioned that Aquehonga (another "A") was the name of the Boy Scout Order of the Arrow district on Staten Island. Maybe the nearness of Aquehonga Boy Scout Camp (Narrowsburg NY) to the Appalachian Trail also added to the confusion. The Appalachian trail never crossed Staten Island.

I read somewhere that there were old indian trails on Staten Island that belonged to the Lene Lenape, and Algonquin indian Tribes. Maybe Algonquin is another "A" that could be involved in the confusion.

Regardless!! It sure was nice to have such great hiking trails and open country to see while growing up on Staten Island. This, and the proximity to the world's most sophisticated city didn't hurt. :) Art
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