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DBLIVIT Suggestion n Webmaster Request Robert Sheridan bobsheridan They've changed the format three times since I've been visiting. I liked the first, but felt that if I didn't like the replacements I must be a Luddite.

When we get a good topic going that a lot of people like to jump on and tell us something about how they feel, I like to see those stick around longer, especially when they relate it to the Old Borough.

Lists could die after twenty minutes, or automatically be relegated to the list heap as far as I'm concerned. I can't get past them fast enough, as the writer didn't write it and it doesn't tell us anything about him or her, except he/she ran across a list he/she thinks we'd all enjoy.

I liked the format where you could see who the post-er was because then you could skip the predictables, the known quantities, the underliners-asteriskers-and-capitalizers, the ones who always agreed or disagreed with your silly postings, and other strange animals who haunt this part of the forest.

In other words, you could go for what was as fresh as a slap or a kiss or a new take on something.

How does Mr. Webmaster propose to screen for this?


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