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DBLIVIT Suggestion n Webmaster Request Gina * Gina In the Hoftopia Conference...
On 03/10/2000 2:43:00 AM, DBLIVIT wrote:
In part:
>This brings up the old theme:
>I still think this "new"
>bulletin board format stinks!
>On the old board there was a
>simple, sorted in
>chronological order posting.
>You just scrolled down to the
>heading you wanted and posted
>your entry. Now a person has
>to go through all kinds of
>nerdy manipulations just to
>post where they want.
>A prime example of this is the
>"SI life listed
>Alphabetically" string. It is
>a great idea, but one must
>search for it each time
>because it keeps getting
>scrolled further down the
>board. I say: "Back to the
>Do I hear any yays or nays?

G* For the most part I have to agree w/ DBlIVIT. I often wonder how far "back to the future" the Webmaster would consider but if I remember right the original site format took uP too much memory or some techno thing because of the amount of parsing that went on n some other stuff and also took much more time to maintain - remember this is very kindly DONATED to us.

Setting that aside for the moment, as I have suggested in the past some options in Edit Profile can be changed to better accommodate the reading eyes.

Click: Edit Profile
Click: NO to the use of frames
Click: YES to Reverse topic order:

To see the changes you'll have to close your web browser and re-open it.

What these changes will do is give you a full screen to read and it will put the most current post dates first which saves clicking n going from the beginning of time.

BUT I too have a couple of requests for our dear sweet Webmaster :)

If at all possible could a change be made so that ALL posts of the day are on one page - it would make it sooooooooooo much easier and less time consuming to do an "at a glance" check of the daily topics so as to choose what to read or not to read. It would also be GREAT if the nick name of the writer was next to the topic line on the daily post page

Same request goes for reading old posts - can it be in sets of 100 instead of the current 20-view?

My nay is that I agree with DBLIVIT as far as the "time consuming" issues of Web Board.

My yay is that I like the edit feature being self activated rather than having to contact the Webmaster who used to do the changes manually upon request. I also like the spell checker feature even though it's doesn't contain the word/name Harry LOL and StatNisland Slinguage & Slanguage. oVEr ALL this is the GREATEST Web Site of them ALL cause it's a home of "back n to the future" for many who visit here :))


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