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Can't follow two different lines of a story Dan Blaine DBLIVIT I think you can handle it. Maybe somebody will come up with an idea to meld these two story strings together. I goofed up, too. I started the "Lady in the Lake" before I realized that the Mick was back in action.

This brings up the old theme: I still think this "new" bulletin board format stinks! On the old board there was a simple, sorted in chronological order posting. You just scrolled down to the heading you wanted and posted your entry. Now a person has to go through all kinds of nerdy manipulations just to post where they want.

A prime example of this is the "SI life listed Alphabetically" string. It is a great idea, but one must search for it each time because it keeps getting scrolled further down the board. I say: "Back to the Future!"

Do I hear any yays or nays?

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