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Blackberries----NOW YOU ARE UP MY ALLEY Dan Blaine DBLIVIT A verse from a song my father used to sing:

"There was a little robin and he had a red breast,

In the mulberry TREE he built his nest,

When the winter came he flew to the barn,

Another little drink won't do us any harm!"

This was an old SI/English/Irish (?) lyric that goes way back.
Another reference: VINCENT VAN GOGH Dutch, 1853-1890 The Mulberry Tree, 1889 Oil on canvas, 21 1/4" x 25 5/8" Norton Simon Art Foundation In the spring of 1889 van Gogh committed himself to an asylum at Saint-Remy, where he created dazzling compositions of vigorous brushwork and energetic spontaneity. This painting was of particular interest to van Gogh, who wrote about it three times in letters to his brother and sister, commenting that he believed it was the best of his mulberry tree paintings.

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