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FORE!! Neal Mulligan neal Rich,

I knew you would!

BTW, I was at one of the early Greater Hartford Opens in 60-61 to watch Palmer, when the following occurred: (The Tourney was called the ICO for Ins. City Open back then.)
As part of the hype they had a group of young girls who acted as greeters etc. On the last day they were seated around the back of the eighteenth green. As the early starters finished, a young pro hit a shot that skipped over the green and rolled up inside one of the girls skirts. The skirts were those flair type covering umpteen petticoats. She tried to reach for the ball but succeeded in causing the skirt to balloon up exposing her underpants. This was greeted by a pause in the laughter and a cheer from the male gallery seated along the sides. She finally decided to stand up and try to dislodge the ball by dancing around. Talk about ROTGLOL the gallery was at this point hysterical. By the time the pro arrived at the green and was told by those patrons who could speak where his ball was the girl was totally mortified. Despite shaking and jumping up and down the ball remained lodged up her dress. Her face was now bright red and a tear appeared. The pro calmly walked up to her, and standing a good 10 inches taller looked down on the poor creature, who sobbingly said, "what should I do?".

"Walk toward the hole, he answered."


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