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Mengele on SI? Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Bob,

Since you added some more "personal" information on Irving Selikoff, the hero of asbestos related injuries, I thought I would add to that the fact that a Staten Island Pathologist also made a similar contribution to human safety.

Oscar Auerbach, the pathologist at Staten Island Hospital for as long as I could remember, and a sort of mentor of mine, was the same guy who did the famous cigarette smoking experiments with beagles that proved that cigarettes caused lung cancer and a lot of other diseases. He framed his hypothesis over epidemiological data in humans and designed animal experiment that proved cigarette smoke produced disease in a dose-dependent fashion. The experimental data added a tremendous amount of validity to the public health concerns over the sot weed.

So youse guys out der who still smoke..listen up. It was a StatNislander who showed us that ya betta stop smokin now cause we want ta see ya around.


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