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Mengele on SI? Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Dr. Selikoff and Dr. Robitzek were local heroes in combating TB. Damn near wiped it out. Closed Seaview. Selikoff lived in Paterson, N.J., but was related to the Blumins of FawCawnahs. His expertise in lung diseases resulted in his learning and alerting the world to the fact that asbestos, breathed in, killed, years later. Hence no more asbestos in shipyards and buildings.

Interesting, Art, to discover you'd been poisoned by a farmer, the instrument of potential death being his cow.

One-a these days I'm gonna tell the story of how a client of mine was "poisoned" by our Chief Medical Examiner who ran a test on a blood sample and claimed to have found poison (digoxin) based on a number produced by his test. His interpretation of the number turned out to be dead wrong, we learned during an intesting cross-examination conducted by yours truly, and my client walked after over two years in the pokey. Skated on a life sentence for non-existent murder conspiracy. A real life witch-hunt triggered by medical misdiagnosis, just like Salem.


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