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Business' with voice mail responses Neal Mulligan neal The worst case is when one of these bastards
who you need to speak to, returns your call and leaves the main number, and she/he/it's extension. Thus forcing you to listen to a message containing the company propaganda plus instructions.
Then you try the ext and get? Their god damn V-mail. The message is always the same "HI, you've reached I M Fulamiself, I'm either on the phone or away from my desk. PLease..yaadayada.

To rub salt in the wound, they will often call around day's end with a sarcastic tone asking why you haven't returned their call.

I have returned calls within seconds of hearing them leave messages, and got? You guessed it V-mail. To make matters worst, they don't speak clearly or slowly enough, often drop phone #s with no warning, you couldn't write fast enough even if they said "my phone number is, its always "hi...4137880348ext5914, thanks. Or they don't leave the number at all, doesn't it occur to them that you may be picking up messages on the road, or in my case you have only the pencil that you just broke and no paper. How about, NEAL call me at ...Pause..area pause 413, pause 788, pause 0348, that's 7 8 8- 0 3 4 8.


Of course that's just my opinion and I may be wrong.


PS. Ask me sometime about getting change back at drive up restaurants. You know with the coins on top of the bills, from a person a foot above you, while you balance your coffee on your lap, and your not left handed.

Where's my Ritalin?

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