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The Lady in the Lake------Holy Moly Marcene Daniels oldtimer I am getting paid to do it.
I will get one free mello roll at Sullivan's Drug Store at Four Corners for every five jokes I post on this board. In this way they think I will buy more gum.

Merlin stuck his head out the cave and called all to come and sit down while he will serve some of his special home made blackberry dumplings with some vanilla ice cream sent over by his sister the Queen Mum.

RS had two helpings. He was so absorbed in his new Palm Gadget that he missed Merlin leaving the group to go to the Crystal Room to meditate on what was in store for the
Queen now that her three little ones were ready to start school with not having been named yet. HOw would the teachers be able to address them?

OT had asked him to please give her a hand in stirring up the Queen. Regina had been so busy at the palace trying to find out how to keep the KIng away from the ladies in waiting and getting ready for the Spring Fling soon to be held in the newly decorated ballroom that all else had been taking a back seat.

Dr. Sunderson was up to his old tricks and an odd odor was permeating the place lately. OT was sure he was making home brew in the basement. Liza the milkmaid was seen coming and going with large ewers under her arm. She was not delivering milk that was for sure.

There were rumors flying about the place that a new minstrel called Lee was on his way with his newly repaired
accordion to entertain at the Spring Fling. He was supposed to be very talented and Regina was anxious to meet him. He had been seen at the Red Lobster restaurant a week earlier with it under his arm.

Now Merlin returned to the group who were licking their lips and asking for the recipe to take home so their wives could make more of the dumplings. Wonder if he has one?

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