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Mengele on SI? Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Back in the 50's, they bused a bunch of us from PS 45 down to St. George. We waited on line to go upstairs in a building that I think where the SI museum was.

Once we entered the examination room, a nurse(?) stuck a tongue depressor in our mouths, and we said "AHH". Then we were asked to read (or recite) some statement. The "doctor" (researcher?) would then classify our speech type and then tell the type to a person writing it down on paper.

I remember he classified me a "nasal". Being a snotty kid, I "axt" him why I was classified as nasal. He just told me to move on...

Does anyone else remember this strange examination...or is it some nightmare I'm confusing with reality due to watching the "Boys from Brazil"?

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