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Blackberries----NOW YOU ARE UP MY ALLEY Dan Blaine DBLIVIT On 03/08/2000 1:32:00 PM, oldtimer wrote:
>My this brings so many
>memories of the old days of my
>In an earlier post I wrote of our family
>taking a picnic lunch and going on a day
>of berry picking. We lived on the top
>of Lester St off of Victory Blvd. This
>is a street that is on the left side of
>Fairview Cemetery. If one continued up
>Lester it became in those days Gower
>At the top of Gower there was nothing
>then but fields. The only buildings in
>the whole area above Gower were the old
>Brewery on Manor Rd. All the way to
>Mountainwiew St there were woods or
>fields. Full of berries. Blackberries,
>and of course Elderberries..
Well and good, how about getting off your duff and giving the Mick a hand? He's just gotten punished by the nuns and someone brought him a blueberry pie and elderberry wine. You better check in at the "Mick Resurfaces" string. (see below)

The Mick knew he only had one chance to escape the wrath of this bevy of furies. If only Queen Regina or the Queen Mum would come forward and speak in his behalf! Where were they?...Why wouldn't they help him? He had spent the better part of his adult life on SI defending the Queen's honor and trying to find the ring of CoNaCl which would clear the Queen for once and for all.

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