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The Mick Resurfaces NOW IF THE DAMN QUEEN WOULD ONLY GET HER ACT TOGETHER Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Looking around St. Columba's Hall further, the Mick smelled something delicious coming out from under a table cloth on a corner booth. Lifting up the cloth he spied a freshly baked blackberry pie and a bottle of elderberry wine. There was a note held down by the pie plate. It said:

"Please accept this as a small token of appreciation for putting up with the punishment handed out by the nuns and not squealing. I wish I could have been there to help you, but ever since I got caught defacing school property, I have not been allowed on the grounds."

Instead of a signature, there was a wax seal at the bottom. Examining the imprint closer, the Mick thought it looked like a Gaelic sign...

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