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12 March Pisces LAPTOP Harry White hrwhite On 03/08/2000 11:26:00 PM, sipoet wrote:
>I envy you oh so technically
>literate people. I'm
>considering buying a lap top
>but I don't know what the hell
>I'm doing. Cool dance scene!

shopping for a computer can be a frustrating experience. I just went through the process. I visited a bunch of sites selling their computers and a read a bunch of magazines. Since I wanted a laptop I concentrated on magazines aimed at the laptop market. Best advice is to know what applications are a must for you. That will establish the minimum system for you. Then add features. A good display is very important (TFT/XGA) as large as you can afford this is what you will be looking at so get a good one. A big hard drive, 10G, was the size recommended in what I read. RAM, go big 64M is almost the minimum now a days. The processor may be the least important. Built in CD-ROM (DVD if you want it) and FDD are nice. If you are going to shlep it around then size/weight become factors. Also keyboards on laptops can be frustrating to a touch typest. Laptop keyboards are flat and it is frustrating when you drag your hand or thumb across the touchpad and highlite and then delete things that you did not intend to delete. Keyboards probably should be test driven. Other important considerations are customer/technical support and company history. Re customer/tech support, they neeed to have hours convienent to you and a toll free number. Re history, some of the best prices are from new start up companys. But will they be around when you need them? A three year warrantee is of no value if they go out of business in 6 months. Go wit a company that has a track record and has been around 4-5 years.
I bought from a company here in CA, ProStar, check out their web site at They had a good price, delivered on schedule and the one call I made to tech support was answered without to much wait and the advice/answers were good. So far I'm happy with the machine and the company. The system I bought was $500 to $1000 cheaper that a like system from DELL or GATEWAY.
Hope this helps some.

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