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Hey sipoet, check this out about MosquitoMan Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Here is a link to one of my answers to MadScientist Network. I chose to include some stuff about the West Nile Fever outbreak that took place in the Bronx last summer.

When the epidemiologist showed the West Nile fever cases according to burroughs she only listed 4 burroughs. So, I asked....and the answer is that there were no cases of West Nile fever on Staten Island. During the question and answer period, I said I represented the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce and we want them to list 0% of the human cases of West Nile fever for the burrough of Richmond against the 71% for Bronx down to 2-3% for Manhattan. Staten Island got a few crows that were positive. At least we didn't have to "eat crow". Cheers to the Bronx. It got a good laugh and now everyone at The US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases knows I am PROUD to be a StatNislander ;)

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