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12 March Pisces Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Donna,

>As for the Animation...I'm
>going to go and look at your
>shirt now! *LOL* Did you ever
>go into a program and change
>the color of the clothes or
>anything? I love doing that!
>LOL One time I even turned my
>children's school pics into
>line drawings so they'd look
>cartoonish! Just recently I
>made a picture of me and the
>two kids all as babies at the
>same age! LOL Maybe I'll post
>them here if I can find them
>in my hard~drive! Question:

Donna, I didn't take the pictures. I am in them. The luck that gets two or more sequential shots taken from the same direction is my starting material. At the PRIM&R meeting the photographer usually shot three shots while sitting or standing in one place. The photos below were all taken by my wife while she was sitting in crowded bleechers at my daughter's Jazz band concert. Therefore, all of them had the potential of being cropped to fit an animation. ;) Art

>When you took the two
>pictures, did you do it with
>the intention of turning them
>into an animated gif or you
>just got what you got and THEN
>realized that potential in
>front of you? Just curious!

I like to do stuff with my Corel PhotoPaint 6.0 that came with my Scannah. Some of it should never appear online 'cause its just for my eyes. Some of it, like the animation below, is online. Making the backgrounds invisible and pasting the main image it onto other backgrounds gives me a lot of pleasure. Almost as much pleasure as I used to get while painting with oils or tempora, but......there's nothing to clean up afterward.

Dancing frees the spirit and allows multiple degrees of freedom

Check out the poodle skirt my wife made for my daughter. I also put her in the picture dancing with Austin Powers...Yeeaah Baby!!!


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