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12 March Pisces ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~


O.k.! This is the deal! I didn't say the time of birth that I suspect for you here because I didn't have your expressed permission to do that and I didn't want to transgress your personal boundary *S*

....but since I do have the green light from you NOW *S*....

Here goes! *S*

This is providing of course that I have the right YEAR and that you were born on Staten Island! The year is something I got (I think) from one of your posts here, but I do get alot of Birth Data my way, so I could easily have remembered it incorrectly. I hope I have it right though because at the time I read it I did kind of make a personal association in my mind. You say your Brother In Law refers to your age as "double nickles". That is the age that you WILL be on thing COMING Birthday, right? If so, the year I thought is correct. If not, or if the "place" (SI) is wrong...then my time would be wrong and I'd have to have another look/see...but I'll proceed now with the hope that my recall is correct. *praying*


I'm going on record to say that I think you were born somewhere between 5:05 AM (EWT) and 5:10 AM. (Probably about 5:07 AM) My parameters for what I would still consider POSSIBILITIES are from 5:05 AM to 6:05 AM ...but I really think it was right around the 5:07 AM that I said!

Yep! 5:07 AM EWT! That's my answer!

O.k.! How'd I do???? *S*


BTW...that's very generous of you to say that you'll answer my questions even if I don't have the time correct! I really respect that! *S*

As for the Animation...I'm going to go and look at your shirt now! *LOL* Did you ever go into a program and change the color of the clothes or anything? I love doing that! LOL One time I even turned my children's school pics into line drawings so they'd look cartoonish! Just recently I made a picture of me and the two kids all as babies at the same age! LOL Maybe I'll post them here if I can find them in my hard~drive! Question: When you took the two pictures, did you do it with the intention of turning them into an animated gif or you just got what you got and THEN realized that potential in front of you? Just curious! *S*

I'm always curious! *S*

*Still Twitching*


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