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Still don't know the name of it...but here's how it's laid out. It starts in Sunnyside next to the campus of the former Staten Island Community College. If you park your car on Little Clove Road about where the fence for the running track at the school stops, and go into the woods along the fence you will see some blue and yellow marks painted on trees.

Follow the trail up a steep path in the woods (this may be the part of Todt Hill where OT said there was a ski jump years ago) and you will come out on top at the cross roads of Todt Hill road and Ocean Terrace. Cross the street diagonally (careful! This is a bad intersection) and reenter the woods on the Ocean Terrace side facing towards New Dorp and South. There is some kind of sign there telling the name of the trail..the Greenbelt trail?

Following the trail markers you head towards St. Francis Seminary and pass a microwave radio tower. You're basically going parallel to Todt hill road. At some point after you pass St. Francis the trail markers split up: the blue markers take you towards the RCCC golf course and the yellow markers head toward Pouch Camp.

I've run the entire trail both the blue and the yellow branches and will continue with these descriptions of trail segments as I can remember them. I would say the whole length (as the crow flys) is about 5 miles...but following all the branches and the ups and downs it's close to 8 miles.

I recommend to anyone visiting SI who is into to hiking or trail running to try this's not really suitable for mountain biking, but I've heard they are going to make a bike path out of parts of it....I hope they don't ruin the natural beauty of it.

If anyone out there has more recent experience with the trail (my recollection goes back to 3 years ago)...please post!

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