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12 March Pisces Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) I think I know your TIME of birth....or
>at least within a small
>window! *S* (I won't say it
>here though.)


Why not say it? If you say it, I will answer your other questions whether or not you have the time right. I just checked the "baby book" so I know the exact time. ;)

I made the animation of us doing the Stones from two photos but I took out the back ground of one and put in a background from a real Stones concert. That gives it a little flash and syncopates the rhythm to keep time with "Satisfaction." Check out the tongue on my shirt. It is bright red in only one of the frames and only in that frame can you see the teeth.

I made the animated gif using Microsoft Gif Animator that I downloaded free from the web when it was a beta program. I suppose it is bundled into Microsoft FrontPage now.

My brother in law refers to my age as double nickles. Is that old as dirt?


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